Henry Ford Health System Spotlight


For Henry Ford Health System, one of the nation's leading health care providers, innovation is a core competency. It also takes pride in embracing diversity and providing a place for everyone to be who they are, with a common purpose in servicing patients.



  1. How Henry Ford Medical Group moves medicine

    1. The Henry Ford Medical Group, is nationally recognized for clinical excellence in cardiology, cancer, neurosurgery and neurology, orthopedics and sports medicine and organ transplant."
  2. Members Move Medicine: Designing new care models

    1. Bruce K. Muma, MD: "Henry Ford takes great pride in its relationship with our community—in particular, in the depth of our understanding of health care needs and the energy we invest in improving health care."
  3. How Henry Ford Hospital is working to prevent physician burnout

    1. To improve physician well-being, Henry Ford Hospital has led implementation of several physician burnout prevention strategies.
  4. 5 resources built to provide emotional support in times of crisis

    1. With a focus on well-being, Henry Ford Health System in Detroit continues to add valuable emotional support resources to support their teams.
  5. General Motors & Henry Ford Health System case study: Direct-to-Employer

    1. General Motors (GM) began to offer a new health benefit option to its 24,000 non-union employees in Michigan: A Direct-to-Employer, risk-based arrangement with Henry Ford Health System.

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