Setting boundaries for preventing fatigue and building resilience

Webinar (series)
Setting boundaries for preventing fatigue and building resilience
Mar 30, 2022
AMA STEPS Forward™ webinar series: Setting boundaries for well-being

On March 30, 2022, the AMA held a webinar in the AMA STEPS Forward® series: “Setting Boundaries for Preventing Fatigue and Building Resilience.”

How can physicians avoid heading down the road of fatigue, exhaustion and ultimately burnout? During this AMA STEPS Forward™ webinar, participants learned the value and necessity of setting limits and how doing so positively affects personal well-being. Together, webinar participants identify strategies for developing, implementing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Attendees were asked to consider examples of personal boundaries and challenged to choose one to try. Additionally, speakers explore tools and resources available from the AMA that can help.



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Kevin Hopkins, MD

Family medicine physician and primary care medical director, Cleveland Clinic Senior physician advisor for practice transformation, American Medical Association

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed in this video are those of the participants and/or do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the AMA.

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