Delivering Health at Home Through Innovation and Tech

Webinar (series)
Future of Health Immersion Program: Delivering Health at Home Through Innovation and Tech
Sep 19, 2023
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Future of Health Immersion Program

Extended reality (XR) is an overarching term that captures current and future developments across augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality. These tools are rapidly expanding in many health care environments, including helping to train surgeons on the latest procedures and teach medical students’ human anatomy.

Join this webinar to learn more about the current state of extended reality in health care and explore real-world use cases of VR and AR technology today. 

  • Kristen Apple, president, LINUS (Moderator)
  • Vimal Mishra, MD, director of digital health strategy, AMA & VP digital care, UC Davis Health
  • Ryan Raisig, MHA, FACHE, associate vice president for coordinated care and continuum integration
  • Kevin Riddleberger, PA-C, MBA, chief strategy officer and co founder, Dispatch Health
  • Nick Stupakis, vice president, Helion

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