The AMA has added four additional seats to the CPT Editorial Panel, at the recommendation of the Panel. The Panel is the governing body charged with the ongoing maintenance of the CPT code set.

CPT Editorial Panel members provide unparalleled expertise and knowledge to the process that sustains CPT as a preeminent medical coding set. Panel members volunteer their time in their professional capacity to maintain CPT content and support the coding demands of a modern health care system. The rigorous editorial process run by the Panel keeps the CPT code set current with advances in medical science and technology so it can fulfill its vital role of being the trusted language of medicine.

Expanding the Panel from 17 to 21 members will increase the expertise available to the Panel as CPT content advances to reflect the emergence of digital health, precision medicine and augmented intelligence.

All nominees are subject to approval by the AMA Board of Trustees and must meet the nomination qualifications and requirements set forth by the AMA.

Panel members requirements

Appointed Panel members must:

  • Participate independently
  • Be bound by confidentiality and conflict of interest policies
  • Exercise independent professional judgment
  • Not represent the interests of the organization that nominated them

What are the qualifications for Panel members?

Qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Current license to practice medicine in the U.S. (required)
  • Appropriate disclosure of conflict of interests according to CPT and applicable AMA policies (required)
  • Prior or current membership on the AMA's CPT Advisory Committee (preferred)
  • Diverse background from historical Panel representation (preferred)
  • Current involvement in direct patient care (preferred)
  • Previous specialty-specific coding experience (e.g., coding committees and technical coding education faculty, or other credentials that relate to coding) (preferred)
  • For nominees for the at-large organizational member seat, the nominating organization must:
    • Have historically, actively participated in the CPT code change application, formal review, or Panel deliberation process(es) and previously did not have the ability to nominate a Panel member
    • Currently not have representation on the AMA CPT Advisory Committee (required)
      • That the person nominated shall be a physician knowledgeable in the areas of medical or health care procedure nomenclature and coding and committed to maintaining the CPT code set in accordance with the highest professional standards

All new Panel members will be observers at the February 2022 Panel meeting and will vote beginning May 2022. Two of the four members will be randomly selected to have an initial two-year term to stagger the terms to minimize the impact of Panel member turnover. The remaining members will have an initial four-year term.

What are Panel members duties & responsibilities?

Panel members are expected to thoroughly review all items coming before the Panel. In addition to reviewing and commenting on these items, each Panel member receives designated reviewer assignments for numerous applications coming before the Panel throughout the year. As designated reviewers, Panel members are expected to engage with other Panel members and applicants to put forward the best application possible for consideration by the Panel.

This includes working with AMA staff to provide feedback to applicants, asking clarifying questions of applicants and develop new options for consideration as deemed appropriate. This may also include meeting, with the assistance of AMA staff liaisons, with stakeholders on difficult issues and facilitating meetings to find workable solutions. Panel members are expected to apply their own independent clinical judgement to each application throughout the entire determination process.

How to submit an application for the Panel

Submission of completed documentation is required for an individual to be considered a nominee.

Nomination materials for Panel members are due Friday, Sept. 24, 2021. Please submit all nomination materials to [email protected].

Required nomination documents

  • AMA council/committee nomination form (DOCX)
  • Criteria for nomination and selection form (PDF)
  • Letter of appointment from the nominating specialty society or organization
  • Two letters of endorsement
  • Current executive curriculum vitae of no more than three pages
  • Statement of Compliance with the CPT Conflict of Interest Policy form, sent to candidate via DocuSign once initial materials are submitted

For questions about the nomination process, please contact Caitlin Dale at [email protected].

The AMA’s CPT Advisory Committee, along with the Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee (HCPAC) serve as resources to the CPT Editorial Panel by providing advice on procedure coding and appropriate nomenclature as relevant to the committee member’s specialty. The advisory committee consists of members from national medical specialty societies seated in the AMA House of Delegates.  HCPAC members are from organizations representing limited-license practitioners and other allied health professionals.

Nominations for the CPT Advisory Committee are accepted three times per year (February, April, September) based on the Board of Trustees’ meeting schedule.  Please email CPT at [email protected]rg to find out specific due dates throughout the year.  All nominees are subject to approval by the AMA Board of Trustees and must meet the nomination qualifications set forth by the AMA.  Advisor and HCPAC member terms are three years long.  All CPT Advisors and CPT HCPAC members are eligible for reappointment every three years.

Required nomination documents

Nomination materials for advisors are due Friday, Sept. 24, 2021. Please submit all nomination materials to [email protected].

The AMA encourages the nomination of diverse candidates, such as historically underrepresented minorities, women, LGBTQ persons and international medical graduates.

For questions about the nomination process, contact Caitlin Dale at [email protected]

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