Simplifying Medicare Advantage & Part D


In addition to the regular Medicare program, many Medicare patients choose to get their Medicare insurance through private health plans, known as Medicare Advantage. Medicare also uses private health plans—known as Medicare Part D—to provide insurance for prescription drugs.

Some practices of these private health plans can get in the way of providing proper patient care and can impose administrative burdens on physicians, such as requiring prior authorizations. Thanks to the AMA’s advocacy efforts, physicians and patients have a voice to make these programs work better and more efficiently by speaking to Medicare program and individual plan administrators on behalf of physicians and their patients. The goal is to have a system that:

  • Protects patients
  • Improves patient access to high-quality care
  • Reduces patients’ out-of-pocket costs
  • Lowers administrative burdens on physicians

To read more about specific Medicare Advantage and Part D advocacy efforts, type a topic into the AMA’s Federal and State Correspondence Finder.

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