AMA tackles overused prior authorization


Prior authorization is overused and presents significant clinical and administrative concerns. On average physicians and their staff spend almost two business days each week completing prior authorizations.

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The AMA helps physicians build a better future for medicine, advocating in the courts and on the Hill to remove obstacles to patient care and confront today’s greatest health crises.

The AMA stands up to insurance companies to eliminate care delays, patient harm and practice hassles.

  1. Working with state and federal government

    1. The AMA supports state-level legislation aimed at reforming prior authorization and works with federal agencies to right-size prior authorization in government health benefit plans.
  2. Grassroots campaigning

    1. The AMA has launched a grassroots advocacy campaign featuring patient and provider stories of prior authorization burdens.
  3. Creating policy

    1. The AMA creates policies through its House of Delegates that solidify and project the AMA’s stance on prior authorization issues.
  4. Conducting research

    1. The AMA has conducted research revealing physician concerns over patient care delays, administrative costs and workflow disruptions caused by prior authorization.
  5. Empowering members

    1. The AMA offers access to prior authorization advocacy tools, including model legislation, state law charts and more.

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