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How much physician burnout is costing your organization

Physician burnout has direct and indirect costs. Find out how to calculate the financial toll of burnout at your clinic, hospital or health system.


The Business of Medicine

Read about AMA’s campaign to protect physicians’ freedom to practice medicine and promote the business of medicine.

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8 ways to improve health care price transparency

Meaningful price transparency is necessary if patients are to make value-based care decisions in choosing reasonably priced, high-quality care.

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Public Health

How are prescription drug prices determined?

Prescription drug prices are rising for many patients, but why? Find out more about the players in prescription drug pricing and why more transparency is needed.

Jennifer S. Myers, MD at AMA ACME Conference at Penn State College of Medicine.

Improve GME

Meet your new safety and quality watchdog: the medical resident

Rather than making residents bystanders in QI projects, this health system is giving them a chance to shape innovation across the board.

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Population Care

HHS should withdraw proposed family-planning gag rule

The proposed regulation affecting Title X providers would interfere with the patient-physician relationship and deprive patients of information on the full range of family-planning options.

Richard Milani, MD


Ochsner Health System pursues high tech for high patient impact

Ochsner Health System uses high- and low-tech solutions—like artificial intelligence and letting patients sleep—to improve care and patient outcomes.

Payment & Delivery Models

Moving the U.S. health care system to a value-based approach

David Nash, MD, founding dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health in Philadelphia, looks at why health care needs to shift to a value-based approach.

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