On Oct. 29, the AMA held a webinar in the Emerging Topics in Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability series: "Telehealth and Team-based Care: How to Best Engage Support Staff to Successfully Implement TBC in Telemedicine."

The webinar explored how to best engage support staff to successfully implement the Team-Based Care (TBC) model in telemedicine.

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    James Jerzak, MD

    Family physician, Bellin Health

    ShadowMe - James Jerzak

    Dr. Jerzak is a practicing board-certified family physician at Bellin Health in Green Bay. He has a wealth of practical experience gained from his 30 years of providing the full spectrum of care for patients of all ages. His medical training was at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, followed by Family Medicine Residency at St. Michael Hospital, Milwaukee, WI.

    Dr. Jerzak has been involved in a number of leadership roles at Bellin and has been on the leadership team for Bellin’s Patient Care Redesign Program since its inception in 2014.

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