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CPT® News is a monthly email that updates the coding community (and other interested stakeholders) on news and timely information regarding the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set.

Each edition delivers hot topics in the CPT realm, such as newly released codes and their implications, access to free webinars that put CPT coding in conversation with topics like digitally enabled care, health equity, augmented intelligence (AI) and social determinants of health (SDOH), and a preview of the coding guidance published in the latest edition of CPT Assistant.

The AMA publishes The CPT Quarterly every few months to help you advance and deepen your understanding of how the CPT code set facilitates communication, understanding and innovation of health care utilization across the health care ecosystem. Filled with in-depth articles and recommendations for further reading, The CPT Quarterly offers insights and commentary on the trends and uses of CPT coding from the authoritative source of CPT—the AMA.

After all, the CPT code set is more than just a terminology. It is a system that facilitates reimbursement, enables research and helps to reduce administrative burden. More than ever, it helps accelerate medical innovation. With intention we refer to CPT codes as the language of medicine today and the code to its future.

CPT code set news and information

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