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Changes for the CPT 2024 code set included significant changes in coding for neurostimulator services, involving extensive review and revision/establishment of both Category I and Category III codes. These codes are:

  • 61889
  • 61891
  • 61892
  • 63685
  • 63688
  • 64590
  • 64595
  • 64596
  • 64597
  • 64598
  • 0784T
  • 0785T
  • 0786T
  • 0787T
  • 0788T
  • 0789T

To provide uniform guidance in this area, comprehensive CPT coding guidance on neurostimulator services was published in the December 2023 issue of CPT Assistant, as well as revised guidelines in CPT 2024 Professional. Download and read the neurostimulator issue of CPT Assistant (PDF).

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