AMA STEPS Forward® Private Practice Playbook

The Private Practice Playbook (PDF) includes links to over 30 practical tools designed to help you succeed in private practice. Preview a short list of practical tools below, download the playbook (PDF) for access to all 30-plus tools or explore individual toolkits on the AMA STEPS Forward® website for these and additional resources.

Private Practice Playbook

Access key STEPS, best practices and resources for thriving in private practice.

Part 1: Is private practice right for you?

Part 2: Attending to business

Part 3: Attending to patients

Highlighting content across 19 AMA STEPS Forward® toolkits, the Private Practice Playbook (PDF) outlines what you need to know to start and succeed in private practice. Download the playbook (PDF) for toolkit key takeaways and high-level overviews, explore more on a given topic through individual toolkits linked in the playbook or featured in the selected list below, or visit to see everything AMA STEPS Forward® has to offer.

Explore more on the subjects covered in this playbook with these webinars:

Hear physicians and other health care leaders discuss all things private practice in these suggested podcasts:

Read how other physicians and health care professionals are succeeding in private practice—and how you can apply the lessons they learned to your own practice—in these short but sweet Success Stories:

Download the playbook (PDF) to learn more about starting and sustaining your private practice.

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