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AMA STEPS Forward® Private Practice Playbook

This playbook is part of the AMA STEPS Forward® practice innovation program. Each playbook synthesizes the best content AMA STEPS Forward has to offer—toolkits, videos, podcasts and ready-to-use tools, templates and resources—into practical, actionable strategies and tactics to help you create positive change in your practice today.

Private Practice Playbook

Access key STEPS, best practices and resources for thriving in private practice.

The AMA STEPS Forward program offers practice innovation strategies that allow physicians and their teams to thrive in the evolving health care environment by working smarter, not harder. Physicians looking to refocus their practice can turn to AMA STEPS Forward for proven, physician-developed strategies for confronting common challenges in busy medical settings and devoting more time to caring for patients. This collection offers more than 70 online toolkits and other resources that help physicians and medical teams make transformative changes to their practices, in areas such as managing stress, preventing burnout and improving practice workflow.

The AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy expands on the program to give participants the flexibility to customize their practice transformation journey. The Innovation Academy offers a wide range of opportunities to learn from peers and experts, including webinars, tele-mentoring, virtual panel discussions, bootcamps and immersion programs.

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Private Practice Playbook

Access key STEPS, best practices and resources for thriving in private practice.