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Former President, American Medical Association,
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Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, a board-certified psychiatrist, was the 174th president of the American Medical Association for the year 2020-2021.

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We can’t let essential care become another casualty of COVID-19

One of the pandemic’s hidden tragedies is the degree to which people have put off treatments for serious health conditions.
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Police brutality must stop

Violence between law enforcement and the public is a critical determinant of health. The AMA urges a multi-fold response to address longstanding societal racism.
Two figures standing in front of law enforcement officers


Med school grads: We need you more than ever

Graduating from medical school in the midst of a global pandemic spurs mixed emotions, including a sense of loss as in-person ceremonies are canceled and loved ones are unable to witness the accomplishment firsthand.
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We must extend health coverage to all in COVID-19 crisis

Tens of millions of people are losing their jobs—and can lose their health insurance coverage as a result. Here’s how to help these patients get covered during the pandemic.
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We must expand COVID-19 testing capacity before restarting the economy

Going forward, our response to the pandemic must be unified, evidence-based, and as free from political considerations as possible.
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5 vital lifelines still needed for struggling physician practices

To protect private practices from financial ruin as a result of COVID-19, the AMA urges 5 steps that must be taken to preserve their viability.
Photo of Patrice Harris, MD, MA


Defending science in a time of fear and uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic has emerged in a time where evidence and facts are increasingly viewed with skepticism. It’s time to restore the trust in science.
Photo of Patrice Harris, MD, MA


Doctors will beat COVID-19. Let’s bring more of them to the fight.

The global pandemic is an all-hands-on-deck moment. Retired doctors, IMGs, and DACA recipients can play vital roles to help us stop the deadly coronavirus.
Photo of Patrice Harris, MD, MA

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