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Marc Zarefsky is a communications consultant who works with C-suite executives, top-ranked universities, nonprofit organizations, and a variety of associations. Marc previously worked in the communications offices at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. Prior to that, he worked as an award-winning sports reporter and editor. 

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Public Health

What it means for states to change how they report COVID-19 data

Frequent updates on COVID-19 case counts are going by the wayside. Learn where things are moving and how physicians can adapt.
Digital generated image of abstract vertical bar chart with missing bites in the shape of coronaviruses

Public Health

What’s left to learn from COVID-19? Dr. Frieden outlines 3 R’s

Former CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, explains some high-level changes that are needed in what’s a “now-or-never moment” for public health.
Tom Frieden, MD, MPH

Physician Health

Why physician well-being is a two-way street

Cedars-Sinai psychiatrist says Waguih IsHak, MD, says addressing burnout amid COVID-19 requires team effort from doctors, health care organizations.
Arrows pointing up

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

Pandemic has lessons for how physician training must change

COVID-19 exposed gaps in medical schooling and strained faculty and medical students alike. Learn how one innovative medical educator is responding.
Physician speaking with patient

Public Health

How we will know when COVID-19 has become endemic

Infectious diseases physician Stephen Parodi, MD, distinguishes between pandemics and endemics and points to signs that show where COVID-19 is moving.
Disappearing coronavirus

Physician Health

Dr. Breen’s family on what new law bearing her name will do

N.Y. doctor Lorna Breen, MD, died by suicide in COVID-19’s early days. Congress just passed a law to help other doctors who are struggling.
Person holding head in hand

Private Practices

How this private rural family practice finds success with ACO

Karen Smith, MD, has worked with colleagues to navigate contracting challenges. Learn more from her, and about great new AMA payor-contracting tools.
Open sign in a storefront window

Patient Support & Advocacy

Privacy concerns grow as more health data goes mobile during pandemic

Mobile apps are being used to prove vaccination status, but how private is the data being added to these applications? Learn more with the AMA.
Hand holding a smartphone

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