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Kevin B. O'Reilly

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Kevin rejoined the AMA in 2016 after an earlier stint as a senior reporter with American Medical News. He has covered a wide range of topics in health care, including diagnostics, medical ethics, quality improvement, patient safety and meetings of the AMA House of Delegates.

Most recently, Kevin served as senior editor at CAP Today, a monthly magazine published by the College of American Pathologists. He was graduated with honors from Columbia College Chicago's print journalism program.

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How Medicare Advantage plans wrongly deny prior auth requests

Prior-authorization requests met Medicare’s clinical coverage criteria and were still denied, the OIG found. Learn how the AMA is tackling prior auth.
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Population Care

Why leaked abortion opinion is “antithetical to public health”

The Supreme Court should reject the premise of a draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade and put patients at risk, says the AMA’s president.
Rear view of woman sitting on a bed looking out the window

AMA History

7 turning points when the AMA met the moment in medicine

The AMA’s history as the physician’s powerful ally runs deep. Learn about some of the critical junctures when the AMA left a positive mark.

Patient Support & Advocacy

Why doctors are saying good riddance to the ACA’s “family glitch”

The AMA has long called for eliminating the “family glitch” in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It’s just one step to improving the ACA for patients.
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Scope of Practice

Wisconsin’s Gov. Evers vetoes APRN independent-practice bill

Physicians urged the governor to veto the measure. In doing so, Evers said it would have potentially taken doctors out of patients’ care.
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers


Why D.C. Council should act now to fix prior authorization

Prior authorization is bad for patients and physicians. The AMA is fighting in the D.C. Council, and Congress, to fix this obstacle to patient care.
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Medicare & Medicaid

Becerra sees need to end Medicare physician pay “cliffs”

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra says he doesn’t want health professionals to leave medicine based on pay uncertainties. Learn more.
Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra

Patient Support & Advocacy

How doctors can use No Surprises Act to resolve billing disputes

The AMA’s fighting for a fair process to resolve out-of-network payment disputes with insurers. A new guide walks doctors through it step by step.
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