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Jennifer Lubell

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Jennifer Lubell is a freelance writer in the Washington, D.C., area. She has written about health care practice trends and policy and clinical research for more than two decades, penning stories for MDedge, Medscape, Modern Healthcare and other publications.

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Public Health

How EvergreenHealth, in early U.S. hot spot, responded to COVID-19

Leaders at the Kirkland, Washington-based health system had to learn about COVID-19 on the fly, and help doctors, nurses and others shoulder new burdens.

Tight shot of health care worker in scrubs pushing a gurney down a hospital hallway


First came pandemic surge, then Ida. How Ochsner Health responded.

After Category 4 Hurricane Ida forced evacuation of some facilities, Louisiana-based health system is meeting needs for COVID-19 and other care.

Building destroyed by Hurricane Ida

Health Equity

3 keys to help women physicians win at the negotiating table

Find out why men are likelier to ask for higher pay, time off and more. One tip from a physician expert: “Just ask.” Learn more with the AMA.

 Smiling woman wearing glasses and listening to a presentation on a laptop

Public Health

Need to build trust to spur vaccination, says Kentucky’s top doctor

COVID-19 has stretched Kentucky hospitals to 130% capacity. Badgering the vaccine-hesitant won’t work, says state’s public health commissioner.

KY Governor Andy Beshear Watches as Dr Jason Smith Recieves a Vaccination

Public Health

How Permanente doctors are pushing ahead with a vaccine mandate

Kaiser Permanente mandated COVID-19 vaccination. Find out what the Permanente Medical Groups are doing to help people do the right thing.

Health professional applying an adhesive bandage to a patient's arm after giving a vaccination, both wearing masks

Public Health

What the FDA wants doctors to tell patients asking for ivermectin

The FDA’s John Farley, MD, MPH, sets the record straight on ivermectin’s dangers and how physicians can respond to patient queries.

Exterior of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration building

Medical School Diversity

Residency programs should trumpet no-tolerance approach on racism

During interviews with residency applicants, programs can make clear how they will foster diversity and back doctors facing microaggressions, racism.

Closed glass doors with a "pull" sign leading to an operating room area

Women Physicians

Dr. Ravi: Fighting for patients and pushing women forward in medicine

Family physician Anita Ravi, MD explains how to pursue trauma-informed care to normalize conversations about health care with survivors of abuse.

Young woman sitting on the floor in a hallway with her head on top of her knees.