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Jennifer Lubell

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Jennifer Lubell is a freelance writer in the Washington, D.C., area. She has written about health care practice trends and policy and clinical research for more than two decades, penning stories for MDedge, Medscape, Modern Healthcare and other publications.

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Striking CDC data to share with COVID-19 vaccine-hesitant parents

Data on 5–11-year-olds from Omicron’s peak shows vaccination’s protective power. With boosters recommended, learn how one doctor talks with parents.
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Physician Health

In stressful times for women doctors, self-care can go a long way

While burnout is a systems issue, especially amid the pandemic, two women physicians detail the power of reclaiming control and asking for help.
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Public Health

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Physician Health

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Physician Health

Inside one health system’s $2.9 million plan to fight burnout

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Overdose Epidemic

Access to treatment is key in addressing drug-overdose epidemic

Learn what’s driving inequities in the drug-overdose epidemic and why giving patients proven treatments is more effective than incarceration.