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Andis Robeznieks

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Andis rejoined the AMA in 2017 after an earlier stint as quality and safety reporter with American Medical News. He covered the same subjects at Modern Healthcare, and also wrote about physician affairs, health care construction, information technology and public health.

Most recently, Andis was an independent reporter with stories appearing in Healthcare Financial Management Association publications, Hospitals & Health Networks, MedCity News, and other publications and websites. He has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University, where he majored in journalism.

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Patient Support & Advocacy

Affordable Care Act survives challenge before the Supreme Court

The Affordable Care Act remains in effect as the U.S. Supreme Court rules that the plaintiffs who sought to strike it down lacked the standing to do so.

Outside of Supreme Court

Private Practices

How life as private practice physician enables creative approach

Internist M. Zudhi Jasser, MD, chairs the new AMA Private Practice Physicians Section and says doctors deserve a wide array of vibrant practice options.

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Population Care

Require access to Rx for opioid-use disorder in prisons, jails

Delegates seek to ensure that evidence-based treatment for substance-use disorders, along with social support, is available in correctional facilities and upon release.

Open doors of a cell in a correctional facility or prison.


How to make peer-to-peer prior authorization talks more effective

Peer-to-peer prior authorization reviews are too often a time-consuming barrier to care. AMA delegates take steps to fix that.

Stack of files wrapped up with red tape

Population Care

Pragmatic measures address rural health care’s complex challenges

Learn about steps such as adequate and reliable payment that will help meet the health needs of rural Americans and sustain the rural health system.

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AMA calls for action to help telehealth flourish post-pandemic

Delegates outline how to address health inequities and lingering issues with state licensure, regulation and payment for this pivotal mode of care.

Father checking his young son's forehead for temperature, while holding a tablet.

Patient Support & Advocacy

Physicians set principles for fast-growing urgent-care sector

Growing use of urgent care centers (UCCs) mustn’t further fragment care. AMA outlines how to ensure that UCCs complement primary care physicians.

Red and white emergency entrance/urgent care sign outside of building.

Public Health

Give hospital-based doctors access to outpatient formulary info

Without it, cost can lead to medication nonadherence and readmissions. Learn more about new AMA policy to get real-time information to physicians.

Sign outside of hospital with text indicating admitting and discharge of patients