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Andis Robeznieks

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Andis rejoined the AMA in 2017 after an earlier stint as quality and safety reporter with American Medical News. He covered the same subjects at Modern Healthcare, and also wrote about physician affairs, health care construction, information technology and public health.

Most recently, Andis was an independent reporter with stories appearing in Healthcare Financial Management Association publications, Hospitals & Health Networks, MedCity News, and other publications and websites. He has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University, where he majored in journalism.

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Social determinants of health and medical coding: What to know

Social determinants of health data can be incorporated into the CPT coding for E/M office visits. Learn with the AMA how to use it in your practice.
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Patient Support & Advocacy

The No Surprises Act is a big challenge for doctors—and states

Even as physicians fight for a fair, independent dispute-resolution process, there’s another player on the field: the states. Learn more with the AMA.
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Patient Support & Advocacy

AMA advocacy helps score 3 significant wins for patients

Physician advocacy yields action to extend health insurance coverage, remove barriers to appropriate pain care and improve maternal health.
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Payment & Delivery Models

Henry Ford paramedics visit homes to help patients avoid the ED

Paramedics see patients at home, often accompanied by doctors on screen. Most visits prevent an ED trip and the program has saved millions. Learn more.
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Scope of Practice

Why physician-led care teams are key to battling doctor shortage

All patients, regardless of ZIP code, deserve care led by a physician. Learn why independent practice for nonphysicians won’t fix the doctor shortage.
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As remote patient monitoring expands, so does CPT to describe it

It’s not just about remote blood pressures anymore, and the CPT code set is keeping up with latest digital health innovations advancing patient care.
Health symbols, including electronic medical records, heart rate, temperature, prescription medicine