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Andis Robeznieks

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Andis rejoined the AMA in 2017 after an earlier stint as quality and safety reporter with American Medical News. He covered the same subjects at Modern Healthcare, and also wrote about physician affairs, health care construction, information technology and public health.

Most recently, Andis was an independent reporter with stories appearing in Healthcare Financial Management Association publications, Hospitals & Health Networks, MedCity News, and other publications and websites. He has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University, where he majored in journalism.

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Doctors’ offices should be exempt from one-size-fits-all OSHA rule

New federal standards may be appropriate for hospitals, but create burdensome and duplicative requirements for physician offices and ambulatory clinics.

Patient checking in at a physician's office with patients and office staff wearing masks

Health Equity

City-level data reveals health inequities are far from inevitable

New book from AMA researcher details how research, equity-focused data analysis and community mobilization can help slash health inequities.

An elevated/subway train rounding a curve next to some city buildings


HHS allocates $25.5 billion to cover financial losses from COVID-19

HHS is allocating funds, streamlining the funding application process and offering a 60-day grace period on a Provider Relief Fund reporting deadline.

Young boy being checked by a physician, both wearing masks


Q&A: Ochsner Health taking telehealth program to all 50 states, D.C.

The Louisiana health system has nationwide support team in place to implement its regionally successful chronic disease management programs.

Man using a self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) device with a cell phone on the table.


New physician “gold card” law will cut prior authorization delays

Breakthrough law means doctors with a 90% prior authorization approval rate are exempt from certain requirements. Learn more with the AMA.

Illustration of a gold card with a red ribbon or tape slicing through it.

Health Equity

How race, and racism, enter the exam room in 2021

In the ’60s, Dr. David Satcher’s first patient refused care from a Black doctor. Today, medicine still struggles to advance health equity.

Physician going over examination notes with patient, both wearing masks.


Time for employers to grill their health plans on prior authorization

Prior authorization requirements drive up costs and harm employees’ health. Learn with the AMA about what every employer should know.

Group of people in an open office wearing masks and working on their computers


For smart use of health care AI, start with the right questions

Computers lack common sense. That’s one obstacle to overcome in effectively using health care AI to help physicians deliver excellent patient care.

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