The YPS is the voice of young physicians concerned about issues affecting their practice and their patients. Members work to influence policy and advocacy, and address various issues including health equity, work/life balance, income/reimbursement and administrative burdens.

November 2022

From YPS Matthew Lecuyer, MD, MPH


Now that we have wrapped our AMA 2022 Interim meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, heading into a busy holiday season, I would like to take some time to thank you all.

I am indebted to each one of you for your friendship, work, comradery, and, most importantly, for the reminder of why we do what we do. Working day in and day out in a busy, pediatric emergency department prior to this interim meeting, with my own physician moral injury mounting, the chance to do some AMA work was exactly what I needed to find some joy back in medicine.

I hope each one of you can find an outlet that brings you joy as we head into this holiday season, to remind you of your humanity, your passion and remind you why being a physician is the most rewarding career. Being your chair over these past few months has been just that for me and I could not have done that without you all, so thank you.

Please read our highlights from the YPS Assembly meeting. Also, see updates on the AMA HOD Interim Meeting. Please reach out so we can continue to support each other, lift each other up and progress both our YPS and AMA.

Thank you.

Have information about YPS members doing great work? Email us at [email protected].

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