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The YPS is the voice of young physicians concerned about issues affecting their practice and their patients. Members work to influence policy and advocacy, and address various issues including health equity, work/life balance, income/reimbursement and administrative burdens.

September 2023

From YPS Chair Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH

Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH
Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH

Hello YPS, and happy fall!

September is traditionally celebrated as Women in Medicine Month and this year, I want to commemorate not only the women who are in medicine, but also those who ensure continued success of women through mentorship. Mentorship is an essential undertaking that, in my opinion, the continuum of medical education does not do enough to emphasize. Mentorship is so important to provide perspective, guidance and often just a sympathetic ear. 

I have had the luck of finding many mentors who have enriched my career, but I know that not everyone is quite as lucky. I would challenge members of our section to look for women early in their careers with whom they have a connection and offer to be a mentor to them. It is often easy to find the person who seems to be excelling in every pursuit, but perhaps greater can be gained through finding someone who may be struggling and guiding them beyond those challenges. I can attest that I often gain as much from a mentoring relationship as my mentee and am enriched by the experience.

As corny as it sounds, I feel that I owe a debt of gratitude to each woman who has come before me. If you have a mentor who is a woman in medicine, this month I challenge you to thank them for their guidance, but also their persistence in a vocation that has previously and continues to be a challenge for women. Look around this month and find ways that you can make a difference for the next generation of women who will enter our noble profession, be those big or small: cover an hour of call so that your partner can attend her kid’s back-to-school night, advocate for adequate space for breastfeeding and pumping within your hospital or clinic, ensure that women’s perspectives are heard and listened to during meetings, presentations and panels. Even the small steps of change today will contribute to a better future for our colleagues, our patients and the house of medicine.

Please contact us with any concerns or issues you see arising within our section, the greater AMA, or in your practice. We hope to be not just a resource for you, but also your advocates. Email us at [email protected].