The YPS is the voice of young physicians concerned about issues affecting their practice and their patients. Members work to influence policy and advocacy, and address various issues including health equity, work/life balance, income/reimbursement and administrative burdens.

September 2021

Laura F. Gephart, MD, MBA

In the last month your governing council leaders met to take the first steps to create our section’s strategic plan for the next two years. We also met with other section leaders to assess opportunities for collaboration across the AMA sections.

As you are likely already aware, the AMA HOD’s November meeting will no longer be held in Florida due to COVID concerns.

Thankfully, this also helps keep the AMA in line with the spirit of our recently passed modified policy to not hold meetings in states with discriminatory legislation—as you likely recall, Florida passed anti-trans legislation on the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month, disturbingly close to the anniversary of the Pulse shooting in Orlando.

Our YPS section meeting date is set! We will convene virtually on Friday, Nov. 12 from 10 a.m. –3:30 p.m. Central. While we all long for an in person meeting, we are thankful that we can work to move policy forward for young physicians virtually while protecting ourselves, our patients and in many cases, our unvaccinated children. A reminder that YPS policy moving forward to the HOD in this upcoming special meeting will be voted on virtually before Nov. 12 to allow for forwarding to the HOD.

We have an updated website! Any feedback is welcome!

As we move into school season and COVID bears down on us again, feel free to access and use the AMA’s resources to stay up to date on the latest information.

Happy International Day of Democracy on Sept. 15!

Have information about YPS members doing great work? Email us at [email protected].

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