The YPS is the voice of young physicians concerned about issues affecting their practice and their patients. Members work to influence policy and advocacy, and address various issues including health equity, work/life balance, income/reimbursement and administrative burdens.

May 2022

From YPS Chair Laura Faye Gephart, MD, MBA

Laura F. Gephart, MD, MBA
Laura Faye Gephart, MD, MBA

Your AMA has been working with the World Medical Association (WMA) to identify ways to help refugees from Ukraine and other areas of armed conflict. In Europe, the WMA is concentrating on getting medicine, instruments and medical products into Ukraine. They are also supporting EU countries as they work to identify volunteer interpreters, housing, living support, schooling and medical care with minimal red tape.

The German Medical Association is collecting lists of volunteers to work in refugee stations in east Europe where the number of refugees is overwhelming.

As your YPS and the AMA at large continue to create opportunities to help, please consider reaching out to your local refugee resettlement agency. Needed help many times includes transportation, translation, kitchen supplies, or fellowship with orientation to your area.

The WMA is specifically looking for a medical contact in Moldova, a small non-EU country neighboring Ukraine which per some reports has had over 400,000 refugees though the entire population of the country is only 2.6 million. The UN summarizes the crisis in this article. If you have any contact that might be helpful, do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

AMA Annual Meeting

As we gear up for the 2022 Annual Meeting in June that includes our own YPS assembly, ensure that you register for the meeting. While the deadline for resolutions has passed for the YPS Assembly, late resolutions can still be posted for consideration by May 18, and the resolution committee of the YPS is eager collaborate with potential authors to craft resolutions aimed for the November 2022 AMA-YPS Assembly meeting.

YPS Governing Council nominations

Now is the time to submit your nomination for the YPS Governing Council. Per our internal operating procedures, elections this year include chair-elect for a three-year commitment and delegate and member at-large for two-year terms each. If an election were to open a spot on the governing council, our current IOPs dictate that the governing council will appoint a young physician to fill the spot until the regularly scheduled election.

To empower the YPS assembly, if an election at our upcoming assembly results in a vacancy on the governing council for a position that is not up for election, the governing council will poll the assembly to get their endorsement of any candidate seeking appointment by the governing council to aid in our deliberations.

The IOP committee will address this issue in the next iteration of our IOPs which will be presented in November.

Have information about YPS members doing great work? Email us at [email protected].

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