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The YPS is the voice of young physicians concerned about issues affecting their practice and their patients. Members work to influence policy and advocacy, and address various issues including health equity, work/life balance, income/reimbursement and administrative burdens.

May 2024

From YPS Chair Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH

Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH
Jordan Warchol, MD, MPH

Ready or not, we’re nearly halfway through 2024. This means that the AMA Annual Meeting is coming up quickly. I wanted to take this opportunity to preview the YPS Assembly on Friday, June 7. 

Of course, much work will be put into the meeting before we even check in to the Hyatt on East Wacker. Members from across the YPS Assembly have volunteered to serve on our convention committees: Credentials, which assists in our voting process; Reference, which reviews YPS items of business and commentary from YPS members to prepare a report of recommendations for the assembly’s action; and Handbook Review, which sets the initial stance of the YPS for all items that are submitted to the House of Delegates, focusing on those which are of specific importance to the YPS. Your GC and I would like to thank these members for volunteering for this essential work in service to our YPS!

We will also be holding elections during our assembly meeting for the positions of chair-elect, delegate, alternate delegate, and member-at-large. We have excellent candidates who have applied and I want to encourage you to review their election materials prior to coming to the meeting. For those who will not be in attendance at the assembly, please reach out to your state or specialty society representative to make sure your voice is heard!

As you may remember, we trialed a new way to improve our business meetings and streamline our assembly business at the 2023 AMA Interim Meeting. This change helped our delegate and alternate delegate use the YPS voice for the policy problems most pressing for the YPS while still allowing members of the assembly to garner support for resolutions that were pertinent to their sponsoring organization. Due to the resounding success of this change, as measured by efficiency of our meeting and feedback from those who were in attendance, your GC has decided to continue this new process at the AMA Annual Meeting assembly. This ‘coalition building’ session will immediately follow the end of handbook review, so come prepared with your best pitch for your pet policy. 

Your YPS GC looks forward to catching up with you in Chicago in just a few short weeks. See you at the Big Bar!

As always, email us at [email protected] with any comments and questions.