Young Physicians

2024 YPS Annual Meeting highlights


Young physicians from across the country addressed priority issues and worked on shaping American Medical Association policy during the 2024 AMA Young Physicians Section (YPS) Annual Assembly Meeting.

Your Powerful Ally

The AMA helps physicians build a better future for medicine, advocating in the courts and on the Hill to remove obstacles to patient care and confront today’s greatest health crises.

The YPS submitted three resolutions to the House of Delegates. They included:

  • Resolution 252: Model Legislation to Protect the Future of Medicine
  • Resolution 303: Amend Policy D-275.948 Title “Education, Training and Credentialing of Non-Physician Health Care Professionals and Their Impact on Physician Education and Training”. Creation of an AMA Task Force to Address Conflicts of Interest on Physician Boards.
  • Resolution 602: Ranked Choice Voting

In addition, the YPS hosted an education program titled “Improving Efficiency in Practice: Utilizing Technology and Other Resources to Improve Clinical Care.” Speakers included:

  • Robin Robyn Fortner Chatman, MD MPH, Medical Director for DeCoach Recovery Centre.
  • Andrew "Rudy" Rudawsky, an emergency physician and the Associate Medical Director of Informatics for Emergency Services at the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Tina R. Shah MD, MPH, is a practicing pulmonary and critical care physician who is the Chief Clinical Officer of Abridge, a generative AI company.

During this informative session, the panelists focused on how technology and strategies for optimizing resources can be used to improve the efficiency of clinical practice. Also, they reviewed the latest trends in artificial intelligence and optimization of electronic health record systems.

Lastly, the YPS elected Alisha D. Reiss as chair-elect, Sean Figy, MD, as delegate, Christopher Libby, MD, MPH, as alternate delegate and re-elected Hans Arora, MD, PhD, as member at-large.

For additional information on the 2024 Annual YPS meeting, visit the section's agenda and resources page.