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Doctors Back to School™ Day


Get ready to celebrate Doctors Back to School Day on May 13, and inspire the next generation of minority physicians.

On this day, visit a school and share your passion for the profession with minority elementary and high school students. You can help them realize that a medical career is within their reach. 

3 photos from previous Doctors Back to School Days.
Doctor's Back to School Day
  1. Contact the principal's office of a school in your community before March 30.
  2. Schedule your visit on (or around) May 8.
  3. Partner with nearby medical students, residents, physicians, medical societies or health systems.
  4. Explore various formats, but keep your presentation to 2 class periods (e.g., classroom, auditorium, career fair).
  5. Register your event. (You can also purchase giveaways for the students at registration).
  6. Take props to share with the students (e.g., stethoscope, X-rays).
  7. Wear scrubs or a white lab coat.
  8. Post your photos to social media with the hashtag #DrsBackToSchool.

Doctors Back to School™ Kit (PDF)

"Every student from Ms. Marsh’s class wrote me a handwritten thank you letter regarding my visit. My favorite was from a fifth-grade boy, who writes that he is now torn on whether to be an NBA star or a doctor."

Lonnie Bristow, MD

President, American Medical Association, 1995–1996

Research shows that minority physicians are more likely to practice in underserved areas and provide care for minority, poor, underinsured and uninsured patients. Help students discover the many practice areas available to them (e.g., cardiology, gynecology, internal medicine), but also encourage them to consider other health care settings as well, including academic, research and clinical.

"There is no substitute for the shared strength gained by showing students in-person that people who look like them can become doctors. Most have never met a Native American physician, so I reinforce the notion that you can succeed no matter the odds."

Siobhan Wescott, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Practice, North Dakota State University

Use your social media channels to help spread the word about Doctors Back to School Day! Suggested posts for you to share will be added to the page closer to the event.

Read more about how the AMA Doctors Back to School™ Program works toward eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities.

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