2021-2022 IMGs Committees

Acculturation Committee (on hold)


  • To provide assistance with the integration of International Medical Graduates into American medicine to improve patient care and health outcomes
  • Help the American medical community understand the challenges overcome by IMGs
  • Establish awareness as well as demonstrate the diversity brought by IMGs
  • Identify opportunities to help IMGs get familiar with the American medical culture and opportunities for the American physicians to understand and appreciate the value and challenges of different cultures
  • Develop an acculturation module resource

Resolutions and Reports Policy Committee

Natalia Solenkova, MD, PhD – Delegate
[email protected]

Parth Mehta, MD – Alternate delegate
[email protected]


  • Develop at least three well-written and researched reports or resolutions for the Interim and Annual HOD meetings
  • Identify two issues that require IMGS advocacy efforts

Research, Development and Graduate Medical Education (as needed basis)


Recruit at least five committee members. Effectively lead the survey discussions and analyses. Work with ECFMG-certified students and residents, develop IMG surveys to understand how to assist ECFMG-certified physicians awaiting residency and other populations.

Work with the Council on Medical Education Subcommittee on Graduate Medical Education to assist with the following:

  • Advance the GME efforts of the IMG Section
  • Work to ensure that IMGS continue to obtain GME positions  now and in the future
  • Direct GME effort at state and federal level
  • Work to raise awareness of GME problem at grassroots level

Nominating Committee

Deepak Kumar, MD – Immediate past chair
[email protected]


  • Recruit a diverse pool of candidates for the IMGS GC elections
  • Present a diverse slate for the 2020 IMGS GC online ballot
  • Validate 2020 election winners

Committee for Internal & External Relationships – On hold


  • Recruit at least 10 diverse committee members
  • Develop a liaison relationship with external IMG groups (states, specialties, ethnic associations, state legislators) and internal sections and special groups of the AMA
  • Create one new IMG Section/Committee in at least one state that does not have one
  • Collaborate with Desserts Reception Committee to assist with obtaining funding support

Leadership Development Program

Deepak Kumar, MD – Immediate past chair
[email protected]


  • Recruit at least 10 diverse committee members
  • Develop the program/speaker for the Busharat Ahmad, MD Leadership Program for the Interim and Annual Meeting
  • Discover what resources or tools IMGs need in order to ascend into leadership positions 

Desserts reception

Desserts Reception – IMGS Governing Council/staff
[email protected]


  • Assist in the development and promotion of the Annual Desserts From Around the World reception for June event

Social media

Ricardo Correa, MD
[email protected]


  • To develop team of committee members to devise ideas for social media regarding IMGS. Ideas will be transmitted to IMG staff and AMA digital strategy.

USIMGS special interest group

Email [email protected] with any questions.


This USIMG program is dedicated to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are attending medical school in the Caribbean and have not yet obtained their ECFMG certification. Through this new program, students are invited to become involved with the AMA and obtain the following benefits:

  • Learn how patients and physicians benefit from the advocacy efforts of the IMG Section
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities with other students, resident physicians and practicing physicians
  • Enjoy instant access to the AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) and IMGS
  • Attend the Annual and Interim Meetings of the MSS and IMGS including the annual IMGS Symposium
  • View webinars and videos showcasing practical tips for a successful residency program Match
  • Stay current on how the ECFMG certification process works
  • Gain valuable practice through our mock residency program interview opportunities
  • Obtain financial planning resources and loan consolidation information to help ease worries about debt

USIMG Committee

Chair, Ricardo Correa, MD
[email protected]


  • Engage USIMGs by providing outreach and have more standardized approach
  • Determine needs of USIMGs
  • Work with residents, physicians and alumni associations
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