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2024 APS Annual Meeting highlights


The AMA Academic Physicians Section (APS) held its annual meeting on Friday, June 7 in Chicago with approximately 60 academic physician members in attendance from academic institutions across the country.

APS presented an education session on augmented intelligence in medical education, featuring Kimberly Lomis, MD, AMA vice president of undergraduate med ed innovations, and Margaret Lozovatsky, MD, AMA vice president, digital health innovations. The section also received updates on the work of the AMA Board of Trustees, the American Board of Medical Specialties, the AMA Alliance, the AMA Foundation and the AMA’s precision education efforts.

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APS members considered and adopted two resolutions on sustainability efforts in health care. The section also completed a thorough review of the resolutions and reports to be considered by the House of Delegates, identifying items on which the APS ought to weigh in.

Congratulations to the following members elected to the APS Governing Council:

  • Neel Shah, MB, chair-elect
  • Mark Meyer, MD, delegate
  • Kamalika Roy, MD, alternate delegate
  • Thomas Svolos, MD, liaison to the Council on Medical Education
  • Murali Ankem, MD, member at-large
  • Jose Manuel de la Rosa, MD, member at-large
  • Gary Gaddis, MD, member at-large

Following the meeting, Stuart Greenstein, MD, will transition from chair-elect to chair for the 2024-2025 term. A special thank you to Suzanne Allen, MD, who will transition from chair to immediate past chair for the 2024-2025 term.

APS is the home within the AMA for academic physicians, providing an opportunity to influence AMA policy, learn about topics of interest to academic physicians and connect with peers across the country.

APS membership is open to any AMA member who meets one of three criteria:

  • Appointed by the dean of a U.S. medical school to represent the institution.
  • Holds a faculty appointment at a U.S. medical school.
  • Does not hold a faculty appointment at a U.S. medical school but has an active role in undergraduate, graduate or continuing medical education or serves in a clinical/research capacity with an academic medical center, community hospital or other health care setting.

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