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An AMA membership can help your med student succeed, with benefits, resources and experiences med school doesn’t offer.

  • The AMA Medical Student Learning Leadership Series helps medical students learn to lead effectively through 20-minute, interactive modules
  • AMA Research Challenge gives students the opportunity to enter the largest national, multi-specialty research event for medical students, residents and fellows, and International Medical Graduates
  • Student COVID-19 Resources provide the latest COVID-19 news, mental health support and more—
    helping students balance their med school stress and safety concerns to stay informed and protected
  • AMA Advocacy and Student Member Sections give students a voice in how we shape the future of medicine and medical policy—watch this short video to see how a group of students made an impact
  • Making the Rounds podcast lets students—or their family and friends—hear stories and advice about residency from those who have been through it

Student membership comes with an added gift and their first year of residency membership is free!

It’s easy to purchase:

  • Complete your gift purchase securely by selecting the gift option at the top of this page OR
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