Finding a residency match is a challenge. The Match journey can be full of unexpected twists and turns. The AMA is here to help you master the process to secure a residency match. Find key Match resources and guidance below to help you match into the right program and thrive during training.

Access FREIDA™

Search the AMA Residency and Fellowship Database®.

FREIDA™ by the numbers

Find which programs are capturing interest of your peers.

Specialty guide

Get details on major specialties as well as training information.

Whether it’s choosing the physician specialty that fits best or nailing your rank-order list, the AMA helps medical students navigate the journey to a successful residency Match. 

The road to residency

Find tips and advice on how to navigate the way to a successful residency Match.

Match made simple

Watch videos of the four steps to follow on your Match journey.

Rank order list tips

Find rank order list advice in preparation for this year’s Match.

Find resources about navigating the fast-paced demands of training, publishing scientific research and maintaining well-being.

Thriving in residency

Find timely guidance on making the most of medical residency.

Making the Rounds

AMA podcast features interviews, career advice and more.

Transition to practice

Make a seamless transition from resident to full-time physician.

Discover insights on how to obtain a residency program as an international medical graduate (IMG).

Make the most of the coming year and improve the odds of matching the next time around. 

AMA webinar: I Didn't Match, Now What?

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What if you don’t match? Three things you should do

One physician shares tips for the next steps to take.

No match for you? SOAP offers last-minute options

There is hope for those students who do not match.

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