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Section Involvement Grant Event of the Month

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The American Medical Association is proud to support local initiatives through its medical student leaders. The Section Involvement Grant program is available to all medical schools to assist local AMA medical school section recruitment and engagement efforts throughout the school year.

Each month, the AMA Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP) identifies one event to highlight as the Section Involvement Grant Event of the Month.

The school selected for the event of the month will receive recognition on the AMA’s website and official social media channels, a gift sent to student leadership on campus, and an official letter sent to your faculty advisor, and consideration for the Section Involvement Grant Event of the Year, recognized at the AMA’s Annual Meeting in 2024.

To be considered for a Section Involvement Grant Event of the Month:

In May, all the winners for the Section Involvement Grant Event of the Month will be considered for the Section Involvement Grant Event of the Year. Members of the AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) Governing Council will vote to determine the Event of the Year. The school selected will be featured on the AMA’s website and official social media channels, an official letter sent to your faculty advisor and dean, and recognition at the AMA’s Annual Meeting in 2024.

March 2024

MSOP March 2024 event of the month

The Meharry Medical College (MMC) AMA local campus section, in collaboration with other groups, hosted The Cutting Edge, a surgical skills event to educate students about common surgical techniques, and provide an opportunity to network with physicians with the goal of educating students about common surgical techniques and practices.

In the morning, students rotated through seven interactive skill stations. In the afternoon, students attended a panel discussion where surgeons spoke about their specialty and challenged, they faced throughout their career. The event concluded with an ERAS/USMLE presentation for students.

February 2024

The Touro New York College of Osteopathic Medicine—Middletown AMA local campus section hosted Care Packages for the Homeless at Middletown Health Fair. The participants assembled 100 care packages specifically designed for individuals at the nearby homeless shelter. Each care package contained essential items distributed at the GSM soup kitchen Health Fair.

January 2024

The Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine AMA Chapter hosted a hybrid Advocacy 101 Training where they invited the Iowa Medical Society to speak with their school and the University of Iowa local campus chapter. The speaker shared information about advocacy and updates on the legislative session and provided a brief overview of the process. In addition to having a strong event in January, the chapter has been actively recruiting new members throughout the year. They have increased their recruitment through MSOP by 42% over the 2023 year-end!

 December 2023 

MSOP December 2023 event of the month

AMA student leadership at Morehouse School of Medicine hosted “Learn about research with the AMA," where medical students came together to discuss and learn more about finding mentors, conducting research, different types of projects, presenting research and how to publish.

Attendees were able to join small group discussions, and the students used their funding to purchase food for attendees and share printed materials about research at Morehouse. After the event, the chapter leaders received positive feedback, and requests to host the event again in the spring! 

November 2023 

MSOP November event of the month

The University of Pikeville–Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine AMA chapter plans to launch a Saturday community service clinic in rural Kentucky in March 2024.

To raise funds for this clinic, the AMA chapter hosted the University of Pikeville–Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine AMA Gala: An Evening for Advocacy. The event centered around increasing visibility in health care for the Appalachia, featuring multiple speakers who discussed advancing interdisciplinary health care in the region. Attendance exceeded expectations, with over 150 guests in attendance! 

The event received local media coverage in the Appalachian News-Express

October 2023

AMA student leadership at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine hosted a successful night of games, food and fun during the end of a difficult exam session for the M2 students and a break weekend for other class years. Attendees were able to dance, eat and participate in free rounds of casino-themed games. The students noted: “It’s a rare chance for everyone to hang out with multiple class years in a fun venue in non-scrub attire, so it was certainly the best night of the fall semester!”

Overall, membership at the campus is now up, and the chapter has already exceeded the 2023 year-end number of students they recruited!

September 2023

AMA student leadership at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine East Lansing and Grand Rapids campuses hosted a successful First General Meeting in September. The MSOP team applauds the concurrent event and collaboration at these campuses. The events included offering food for attendees and sharing a slide presentation on the benefits of joining the AMA and how to join.

The Grand Rapids campus also included a personal testimonial from an M4 student who shared her unique experience and the impact being an AMA member had on her medical journey. Overall, membership is up significantly, and the school has already exceeded the 2023 year-end membership!

MSOP August event

August 2023

AMA Student leadership at Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at TCU hosted a Care Package Drive for Unhoused community service event, serving 63 people experiencing homelessness with a variety of essential items.

Student volunteers set up tables outside and individuals were able to collect the items they needed. During the month of August, student membership increased on campus, and more than 50% of the M1 class have joined as members.

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