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Exploring Practice Settings

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Physicians have numerous practice options from which to choose. These options vary depending on physician preference, chosen specialty, geography, the specific patient population and the health care market dynamic between other providers (e.g., a hospital) and payers. This AMA resource gives a new perspective on the benefits and value of each option.

Explore the Pros and Cons

No single model of care delivery will allow physicians to meet all the diverse needs of America’s patients in our evolving health care environment. This is due to a variety of factors including the emphasis on care coordination across settings, advancements in new technologies and treatments, differing expectations of patients and the emphasis on value.

Choosing a medical practice setting ultimately will be based on your unique professional and personal needs and desires. You can be an owner of a solo practice, an equity owner of a group practice or an employee of a group practice, hospital, health care system (which includes private or public organizations, such as the government and payers) or an academic institution.

In addition to the practice options identified, many other nontraditional employment opportunities for physicians exist, although they will not be discussed in this resource.

Examine the Practice Options for Physicians

Explore the guide to examine the benefits of each option. (PDF, sign-in required)

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