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Exploring Practice Settings

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Physicians have numerous practice options from which to choose. These options vary depending on physician preference, specialty, geography, the specific patient population and the health care market dynamic between providers (e.g., a hospital) and payers.

Practice Options for Physicians

This AMA resource gives a basic understanding of 4 common practice options with benefits and value of each option.

  • Owner of a solo practice
  • An equity owner of a group practice
  • An employee of a group practice, hospital, health care system
  • An employee of an academic institution

While each practice option has its own distinct risks and rewards, choosing a medical practice setting ultimately will be based on your unique professional and personal needs and desires.  

Choosing a Physician-led Integrated Health System

If you are trying to understand what a physician-led integrated health system is and whether it may be a good practice option for you, this AMA guide provides basic information and an easy roadmap to help you decide whether you want to join or align with one.

Information in this guide includes:

  • Types of physician-led integrated health systems
  • Tips for assessing the performance of a system
  • Checklists to help determine if an integrated system is the right fit
  • Alignment options for independent or small practices
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