Review the Speakers' Oct. 22 update for the November HOD meeting.

The initial handbook for the November 2021 Special Meeting of the House of Delegates has been posted here on the AMA website. It can also be accessed through along with other meeting materials such as our prior communications and the Speakers’ Letter. The handbook is available as a single large document or as several smaller files collated by reference committee. Please note that the abridged handbook will be posted when it is available.

Next week all delegates and alternate delegates will be sent an email with an instruction sheet that includes the URLs for the meeting. Delegates will also be sent their Business Credential. All are encouraged to review the Speakers’ Letter, (PDF) which provides details on the operation of the meeting.

If you become aware of someone who has not received this notice about the handbook, please have them first check their spam folder and then, if necessary, contact [email protected] to update their email address.

Members are reminded that the online forum is available and that comments are strongly encouraged. In particular, comments on the priority of a resolution are welcome. Comments on the forum are not limited, while there will be a 90 second limit in the live hearings. Equal weight will be given to online comments and live testimony.

Questions are welcome at [email protected].

The following meeting-related links are provided for your convenience:

-- Responses should be directed to [email protected]


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