The November 2021 Special Meeting of the House of Delegates will take place virtually Nov. 12-16, 2021.

Access reports and resolutions considered by the House as well as reference committee reports and final actions—as they become available.

Materials presented at the HOD Special Meeting are generated by AMA delegates/delegations, the AMA Board of Trustees, AMA Councils and AMA Sections.

*DISCLAIMER: Readers of this material are reminded that it refers only to items to be considered by the House. No action has been taken on anything herein contained and it is informational only. Only those items that have been acted upon by the House can be considered official.

Handbook (PDF)

Abridged handbook* (Word doc)  (Google sheet)

Front of Handbook (PDF)

Reference Committee on Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)

Reference Committee A (PDF)

Reference Committee B (PDF)

Reference Committee C (PDF)

Reference Committee D (PDF)

Reference Committee E (PDF)

Reference Committee F (PDF)

Reference Committee G (PDF)

Informational Board and Council Reports (PDF)

Res. 020 Recognizing and Remedying "Structural Urbanism" Bias as a Factor in Rural Health Disparities (PDF)
Res. 119 Bundling Physician Fees with Hospital Fees (PDF)
Res. 120 COBRA for College Students (PDF)
Res. 121 Medicaid Tax Benefits (PDF)
Res. 122 Increase Funding, Research and Education for Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PDF)
Res. 229 CMS Administrative Requirements (PDF)
Res. 230 Medicare Advantage Plan Mandates (PDF)
Res. 231 Prohibit Ghost Guns (PDF)
Res. 232 Ban the Gay/Trans (LGBTQ+) Panic Defense (PDF)
Res. 233 Insurers and Vertical Integration (PDF)
Res. 234 Permitting the Dispensing of Stock Medications for Post Discharge Patient Use and the Safe Use of Multi-dose Medications for Multiple Patients (PDF)
Res. 316 Medical Education Debt Cancellation in the Face of a Physician Shortage During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)
Res. 317 Creating a More Accurate Accounting of Medical Education Financial Costs (PDF)
Res. 318 The Medical Student Match Mismatch (PDF)
Res. 408 Ensuring Affordability and Equity in COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters (PDF)
Res. 611 September 11th as a National Holiday (PDF)
Res. 612 UN International Radionuclide Therapy Day Recognition (PDF)
Res. 613 Due Process at our AMA (PDF)
Res. 614 Insurance Industry Behaviors (PDF)
Res. 615 Employed Physicians (PDF)
Res. 707 Fifteen Month Lab Standing Orders (PDF)
Res. 708 Insurance Coverage for Scalp Cooling (Cold Cap) Therapy (PDF)
Res. 709 Prior Authorization - CPT Codes for Fair Compensation (PDF)
Res. 710 Physician Burnout is an OSHA Issue (PDF)

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