Interim Meeting

Interim Meeting health and safety protocol


1) All attendees must attest during the registration process that they have at least completed the primary series vaccination and one booster. Attendees are strongly encouraged to be up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations (per CDC recommendations in effect on Sept. 2, 2022) as authorized or approved by the Food and Drug Administration, or for international guests, the World Health Organization.

  • Medical exemptions will be honored.
  • No other exemptions will be allowed.

2) Attendees will attest during registration that they will perform tests and not participate in the meeting if positive, and will be provided two tests upon arrival at the meeting. Attendees also are encouraged to test for COVID-19 prior to departure for the meeting, if they exhibit symptoms during the meeting, and following their return home from the meeting.

3) CDC recommendations or requirements of Honolulu or Hawaii in effect at the time of the meeting will be enacted and enforced.

4) The Executive Committee is empowered to act regarding masking and to make any requirements more stringent based on the assessment of conditions as the meeting approaches.

1) Any child with a fever or exhibiting other symptoms of illness should not participate in Camp AMA. Children who become ill during the day must be picked up by their parent(s) upon notification.

2) Parents of all children eligible for vaccination (ages 6 months and older) will be required to attest that their child is up to date on vaccination (per CDC recommendations in effect on Sept. 2, 2022).

  • Medical exemptions will be honored.
  • No other exemptions will be allowed.

3) While masking is not currently required, parents of all children over age 2 will be expected to supply a mask should circumstances require such.

4) Parents are required to have children over age 2 to have a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours of attending Camp AMA. A negative COVID-19 test is also required to return to Camp AMA should the child have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or receive a diagnosis of COVID-19. Parents will be asked to attest to the result of testing.

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