Annual Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting of the HOD: May 10 Speakers' Update


The A-24 HOD Handbook has been posted on the AMA Annual Meeting website. This initial post is offered by reference committee so that items of business are available for review prior to the opening of the online member forums on Monday, May 13. An abridged handbook containing only the recommendations from reports and the resolve clauses from resolutions will also be available soon as a Word document and as a Google sheet.The traditional single large PDF of the handbook will be available early next week. As a reminder, there will not be an addendum as all on-time resolutions have been included.

Pursuant to Policy D-600.956, the Online Member Forum will open May 13 and close May 26 at 10:00 p.m. CT. When open, the forum may be accessed via the Annual Meeting website. All on-time resolutions (excluding exempted resolutions) will be included on the forum.

Important instructions for the forum: In order to more easily identify your post, please restate your name and add all of your applicable roles (e.g., Author, HOD Delegate or Alternate from X Delegation, Section Member, Council Member, etc.) and for whom you are speaking (on behalf of yourself or your group) IN ALL CAPS AT THE START OF YOUR POST within the comment box. Any posts that are not appropriately identified will be removed.

Authors are encouraged to post first and all members are encouraged to post early so that others may react to your comments in a robust discussion. Again, all comments must be posted by 10:00 p.m. Central on Sunday, May 26. Any posts made after this time will not be considered.

The sort features within the forum have been enhanced for A-24 with the ability to sort by topic, by number of comments, and by most recent comments. We hope this will better enable the discussion on the forum.

Preliminary documents based on forum comments will be produced. Again for A-24, reference committees will include their anticipated action for each item in order to better inform the discussion at the in-person hearings. The original report or resolution will remain the topic for discussion at the hearings, but the anticipated action may be referenced. Reference committee preliminary documents will be posted by Monday, June 3.

The schedule and locations for reference committee hearings at A-24 are as follows:

Saturday, June 8, 1:30 p.m. (or 15 minutes after close of HOD second session):

  • Reference Committee on Amendments to Constitution & Bylaws—Grand Hall I/J
  • Reference Committee B (Legislation)—Regency A/B
  • Reference Committee E (Science & Technology)—Regency C
  • Reference Committee F (Finance)—Grand Ballroom
  • Reference Committee G (Medical Practice)—Regency D

Sunday, June 9, 8 a.m.:

  • Reference Committee A (Medical Service)—Regency A/B
  • Reference Committee C (Medical Education)—Regency C
  • Reference Committee D (Public Health)—Regency D

The speakers have completed their video candidate interviews in all currently contested elections. These will be available on the election page early next week. Your speakers wish all candidates the best of luck.

A quick reminder that the virtual candidate interview window will open on May 17 and close on May 22. Only those groups that have previously indicated to the HOD office their intent to interview during this window may do so.

Groups wishing to interview during the in-person window must inform the HOD office by completing this form by May 22. As a reminder, candidates may not interview with groups that have not indicated their desire to do so by completing the form.

-- Responses should be directed to [email protected]

For additional speakers' updates visit the updates overview page.