In a daylong series of runoff and special elections, delegates at the 2016 AMA Annual Meeting Tuesday voted for officer positions—including president-elect, members for the AMA Board of Trustees, speaker and vice speaker of the AMA House of Delegates, and six seats on four councils.

Following a compelling debate by both candidates, David O. Barbe, MD, was voted president-elect of the AMA. Dr. Barbe is a family physician from Mountain Grove, Mo., and previously served as the chair of the AMA Board of Trustees. Following a year-long term as president-elect, Dr. Barbe will assume the office of AMA president in June 2017.

“It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be elected by my peers to be president-elect of an organization that is dedicated to improving the practice environment for physicians, the education of our medical students and the health of the patients we serve,” Dr. Barbe said. “I am eager to continue the strong work of the AMA in shaping America’s health care system to better meet the needs of patients and physicians both now and in the future.”

Running unopposed for reelection to the offices of speaker and vice speaker of the AMA House of Delegates were Susan R. Bailey, MD, and Bruce A. Scott, MD, respectively. Both candidates were voted by acclamation to complete another term.

Six qualified candidates ran for three seats on the AMA Board of Trustees. Delegates reelected William E. Kobler, MD, and elected two new members to the board: Willarda V. Edwards, MD, and William A. McDade, MD.

Also appointed to the executive committee of the AMA Board of Trustees:

  • Chair: Patrice A. Harris, MD
  • Chair-elect: Gerald E. Harmon, MD
  • Secretary: Jack Resneck, Jr., MD

In competitive elections for council seats, five delegates were selected by their peers to serve in open positions:

  • AMA Council on Constitution and Bylaws: Pino Colone, MD
  • AMA Council on Medical Service: Alan Harmon, MD, and Lynn Jeffers, MD
  • AMA Council on Medical Service resident and fellow seat: Laura Faye Gephart, MD
  • AMA Council on Science and Public Health: Alex Ding, MD, and David J. Welsh, MD
  • AMA Council on Medical Education: Cynthia Jumper, MD
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