A summary of the May 20 Editorial Panel Actions (PDF), includes an update on the change proposal for assessment of spine injuries and a proposal to remove Section 13.3f, which uses the Global Assessment of Function to rate emotional and behavioral impairments associated with neurological impairments, is now available. The proposal to update the mild traumatic brain injury content is undergoing revisions and will be addressed at an Editorial Panel meeting this summer. Plus, an upcoming proposal on new low back functional tools is anticipated at a near-future meeting. Additional updates will be announced though AMA Guides® meetings or watch for your next stakeholder update.

The AMA encourages medical societies to support the use and adoption of the AMA Guides to help ensure your members have access to the most current evidence-based content to evaluate permanent impairment.

On April 1, AMA Guides Sixth Edition 2021 was released on AMA Guides Digital to allow users time to familiarize themselves with the update and learn more about the changes and access education through the AMA Ed Hub™. The AMA will consider AMA Guides Sixth Edition 2021 to be the most current version of the AMA Guides and AMA Guides Sixth as of July 1.

Visit AMA Guides to submit comments for Panel consideration before any Panel-approved change is considered final.

Sign up for invitations to virtually attend the AMA Guides Editorial Panel meetings. There is an upcoming AMA Guides Editorial Panel meeting on July 29.

To learn more about AMA Guides Digital, you can visit the educational module on AMA EdHub™, read about submitting a change proposal or review the FAQs.

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