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April 23, 2021: Advocacy Update other news


The AMA recently released a new Continuing Medical Education (CME) module titled “Information Blocking Regulations: What to know and how to comply.” Information blocking can occur in many forms. Physicians can experience info blocking when trying to access patient records from other providers, connecting their electronic health record (EHR) systems to local health information exchanges (HIEs), migrating from one EHR to another and linking their EHRs with a clinical data registry. Patients can also experience info blocking when trying to access their medical records or when sending their records to another provider.

New federal regulations went into effect April 5 that require "actors" to limit any interference with the access, exchange or use of patients' electronic health information (EHI). Physicians are one of the three main actor groups, including EHR vendors and HIEs. All actors must establish a compliance program and evaluate their EHI sharing practices. The AMA’s CME activity will help physicians understand what the information blocking regulations are, what they mean to physicians, and key considerations and next steps in order to stand up a compliance program within a medical practice. After completing the CME, physicians should be able to:

  • Explain the new federal regulations concerning information blocking.
  • Identify which information blocking exceptions to use and when.
  • Better understand key compliance requirements.

The AMA has also created a two-part resource that provides additional information on the regulations.

The AMA Guides Editorial Panel discussed a proposed to update the mild traumatic brain injury section for the 2022 AMA Guides update during the April 15 meeting. To review the change proposal, please contact [email protected] to receive the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. Proposals to update the spine section and emotional and behavioral impairment associated with neurological disorders are tentatively scheduled for Editorial Panel consideration in May. Visit AMA Guides to submit comments for Panel consideration before any Panel-approved change is considered final.

On April 1, AMA Guides Sixth Edition 2021 was released on AMA Guides Digital to allow users time to familiarize themselves with the update and learn more about the changes and access education through the AMA EdHub™. The AMA will consider AMA Guides Sixth Edition 2021 to be the most current version of the AMA Guides and AMA Guides Sixth Edition as of July 1.

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