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Patient and Family Engagement: The Key to Delivering Value-Based Care

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Learn strategies and tools to advance patient and family engagement to drive better outcomes, reduce costs and improve clinician satisfaction.
August 9, 2018
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Patient and family engagement is a core element of effective and efficient clinical care. When patients and their families are engaged to become partners in health, it drives better outcomes, reduces costs, and improves clinician satisfaction.

In this webinar, the PCPCC SAN will share key strategies and tools used to advance patient and family engagement to strengthen partnerships between patients and the care team.


  • Provide an overview of the key strategies that foster a culture of patient-centered care in the practice.
  • Share tools and resources that have proven to be effective in improving patient and family engagement within TCPI.
  • Review the Patient and Family Engagement metrics useful for monitoring outcomes of strategies and activities for continuous improvement.
  • Highlight examples “from the field” that demonstrate the opportunities and challenges that shape and establish an effective patient and family engagement program.
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