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Health Systems Science Scholars FAQs

Health Systems Science Scholars

Frequently asked questions

I am interested in this program but I have a conflict with the dates of the workshop. Will there be alternate dates or a second session?

This program will be offered every year and we hope you will consider it next year. The workshop is an essential element of the Scholars Program, and there are no make-up dates offered.

I am the co-course director of the health systems science curriculum at my school. I am not a physician, but a PhD researcher. Can I apply for the HSS Scholars Program?

Absolutely, this program is open to all medical school faculty who are involved in health systems science curriculum development. We welcome a diversity of applicants.

How many faculty per school may apply? We have a number of faculty from our institution who are interested in this program. It is of significant importance to us as we are embarking on a major curricular renewal that starts soon, and it has a significant component of health systems science built into it.

There is no limit to the number of faculty who apply from a particular institution. However, due to the limited number of spots available, it is unlikely that more than one faculty per institution will be accepted. Ideally, the accepted scholar will engage other faculty from their institution who are also working in health systems science. This program will be offered annually and will give the opportunity for more faculty to be engaged.

Can both my colleague and I apply together as we are working on the same project together?

Please see answer to question 3 above.

I am a faculty at a consortium medical school. The PI at our school is nominating another faculty for the program. Can I still apply?

Yes, any faculty at a U.S. medical school can apply, but only one faculty who is nominated by the principal investigator will be eligible for tuition waiver.

Are faculty from outside the United States eligible to apply?

At this time, only faculty at U.S. medical schools are eligible to apply. We will revisit eligibility criteria every year and might expand this opportunity, depending on interest.

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