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Ayala N, MacDonnell CP, Dumenco L, Dollase R, George P. A cross-sectional analysis of perceptions of interprofessional education in medical studentsAnn Behav Sci Med Educ. 2014;20:6-9.

This article describes a longitudinal study examining medical students’ attitudes toward other health professions and interprofessional collaboration throughout their four years of medical school training.

Banerjee R, George P, Priebe C, Alper E. Medical student awareness of and interest in clinical informaticsJ AM Med Inform Assoc. 2015;22:e42-e47.

This article describes a study about medical students’ attitudes toward clinical informatics (CI) training and careers. A web-based survey was distributed to the students at four allopathic medical schools.

Clay AS, Chudgar SM, Turner KM, et al. How prepared are medical and nursing students to identify common hazards in the intensive care unit?Ann Am Thorac Soc. 2017;14:543-549.

This study explores how often nursing and medical students identify patient safety issues in hospital settings, as well as the differences in individual and team performance.

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