Physician-Patient Relationship

Physician resources: health education materials for your patients


The AMA provides physicians with patient and caregiver education materials and networks to help their patients stay and live healthy.

Millions of people in this country provide unpaid care to an adult or child, and the emotional, physical and financial challenges of caregiving, can lead to caregiver burnout.

A caregiver can be any relative, partner, friend or neighbor who has a significant personal relationship with, and provides a broad range of assistance for a child or an adult with a chronic or disabling condition.

In the guide, "Caring for the Caregiver: A Guide for Physicians" (PDF), the AMA  takes a look at factors that contribute to caregiver burnout and provides helpful resources for physicians, their patients and their caregivers—or patients who care for others.

Explore the latest patient information from the JAMA Network™ including easy-to-understand information about prevention and management of common illnesses. The JAMA journals provide a tool for more effective communication between patients and physicians and include articles based on their potential educational value for the public.