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10 ways the new opioids law could help address the epidemic

The president signs into law a bill that expands access for opioid-use disorder treatment and prevention, and authorizes outpatient treatment alternative payment model.


Understanding the opioid epidemic’s economic toll

Nearly 70,000 people died from drug-related overdose between January 2017 and January 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with about 48,000 related to opioids, the majority of which is due to heroin and illicit fenta

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How to refer a patient with opioid-use disorder to a specialist

Your patient has an opioid-use disorder. Here’s how to find evidence-based care.


Share, Listen, Speak, Learn Webinar Series

The AMA's monthly webinars—Share, Listen, Speak, Learn—provide instruction on topics to excel in practice transformation.


5 reasons to read the surgeon general’s opioid epidemic report

The AMA calls on the nation’s physicians to read this timely new report from the U.S. surgeon general. Find out what you will learn from America’s top doctor.


How Medicaid programs can help end the opioid epidemic

Medication-assisted treatment and inpatient care are among approaches that work, but many states still only offer minimal care for a massive problem.


4 factors that add to stigma surrounding opioid-use disorder

The stigma surrounding opioid-use disorder stands in the way of ending the opioid epidemic. Find out how to overcome stigma and effectively treat opioid-use disorder.


Members Move Medicine: Standing tall and telling truths

AMA member and President-elect Patrice Harris, MD, owes her success as a leader in medicine to years of hard work, persistence and support from family and friends.

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