Gayla Poling, PhD

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

AMA Affiliated Groups

Gayla L. Poling, PhD, CCC-A, ABA Certified, is a member of the AMA Guides Editorial Panel and chief research audiologist at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Audiology Unit. She is active in professional service which includes the American-Speech-Language Hearing Association, National Hearing Conservation Association, American Academy of Audiology and the International Ototoxicity Management Group.

Dr. Poling received her undergraduate and master’s training in speech and hearing science from The Ohio State University and completed her clinical fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital. She completed her postdoctoral training focused on translational research at the Medical University of South Carolina and Northwestern University. Prior to joining Mayo Clinic in 2015 she provided support as a research audiologist to the Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence.

Dr. Poling's clinical and research focus is on early detection and prevention of ototoxicity-related hearing loss—hearing loss caused by aging, noise and other environmental factors. Her research helps advance methods for the earliest detection of hearing loss, which permits timely intervention and helps mitigate negative impacts on the quality of life of affected people and their families. Dr. Poling is also interested in leveraging data-driven solutions toward improving accessibility to timely and individualized hearing health care.

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