Council on Legislation

About the Council on Legislation (COL)


The Council on Legislation (COL) reviews proposed federal legislation and recommends appropriate action in accordance with AMA policy. It also develops model state legislation, recommends changes in existing AMA policy when necessary to accomplish effective legislative goals, and recommends to the Board of Trustees new federal legislation and legislation to modify existing laws of interest to the AMA.

The council consists of 12 active members of the AMA, 1 of whom shall be a resident/fellow physician, and 1 of whom shall be a medical student. These members of the council are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The medical student member is appointed from nominations submitted by the Medical Student Section.

To seek nomination, appointment or re-appointment to the Council on Legislation, please visit the Council and Committee Nominations page

For questions and/or comments regarding the COL, please contact George E. Cox III, JD, Secretary, Council on Legislation at (202) 789-7412 or [email protected].