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AMA on Medicare's Proposed Plan to Cover Advance Care Planning

For immediate release:
Jul 9, 2015
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Statement attributed to:
Andrew W. Gurman, M.D.
President-elect, American Medical Association

“The proposed Medicare payment rule affirms the need to support conversations between patients and physicians to establish and communicate the patient’s wishes in responding to various medical situations. This is a patient-centered policy intended to support a careful planning process that is assisted by a physician or other qualified health care professional. This issue has been mischaracterized in the past and it is time to facilitate patient choices about advance care planning decisions. The AMA has long supported coverage of advance care planning and provided recommendations and input to help Medicare create a payment policy based on a full understanding of this medical service.”


Media Contact:
Robert J. Mills
AMA Media & Editorial
(312) 464-5970
[email protected]

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