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AMA Urges EpiPen Manufacturer to Rein in Exorbitant Costs

For immediate release:
Aug 24, 2016
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Statement attributable to:
Andrew W. Gurman, M.D. 
President, American Medical Association

"With Americans across the country sending their children back to school this month, many parents and schools are encountering sticker shock over the cost of EpiPens. Although the product is unchanged since 2009, the cost has skyrocketed by more than 400 percent during that period. The AMA has long urged the pharmaceutical industry to exercise reasonable restraint in drug pricing, and, with lives on the line, we urge the manufacturer to do all it can to rein in these exorbitant costs. With many parents required to buy two or more sets of EpiPens just to keep their children safe, the high cost of these devices may either keep them out of reach of people in need or force some families to choose between EpiPens and other essentials. The AMA will continue to promote market-based strategies to achieve access to and affordability of health care goods and services."


Kelly Jakubek
AMA Media & Editorial
(312) 464-4443
[email protected]

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