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AMA Member Spotlight

Celebrating inspiring members who are relentlessly moving medicine through advocacy, education, patient care and practice innovation.

Nancy R. G. Church, MD

"I am a doctor because I love my patients. I love interacting with them. I love that I am making an impression on their lives and helping them become more than what they thought they could be."

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Josh Lesko, MD

"I seek to educate my peers regarding the issues threatening our profession and recruit them to the fight."

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Frank Clark, MD

"I was encouraged to go to my first meeting by one of my mentors ... she encouraged me to check out the AMA if I wanted to be an agent of change ... "

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Noel Deep, MD

"You are able to influence health care policy as it is being made ... If united we stand, then we are able to move medicine forward."

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Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD

"Banding together with our patients is key to us having any impact in Washington or in our own communities... Please, get involved. What's holding you back?"

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Hilary Fairbrother, MD

"I encourage my students to join the AMA because I want them to be part of a solution. By joining together, physicians can make demonstrative change in healthcare."

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