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Innovation to Improve Health Care

Learn about the AMA’s partnerships and initiatives—Health 2047, MATTER, Sling Health and Xcertia—established for developing new medical technology solutions.
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AMA’s Innovation Ecosystem

The AMA is committed to advancing our mission in new ways that impact the nation’s physicians and patients. We’re doing this by partnering with leaders across the health care spectrum that are focused on technologies that work better for our patients by bringing the physician’s voice into the innovation space. Patients deserve—and the marketplace should expect—physician input on the real-world value and feasibility of products and health technologies.

To accomplish this, the AMA monitors and interacts with the environment to find new ways to bring its expertise into the conversation, to engage stakeholders in adopting relevant guiding principles, to educate physicians and to develop and share best practices.

The goal is to ensure digital health and medicine solutions facilitate effective care and relationships between physicians and patients. New technology should not be a barrier to the doctor-patient relationship and they must work together to improve health.

The AMA is building bridges to tech innovators and entrepreneurs so that physicians have a seat at the table as new products and services are being developed. New medical products must address real-world challenges for physicians. 

Health2047: Integrated Health Care Innovation Company  

Health2047 is an integrated health care innovation company, with AMA as its founding partner, established to bring together leading institutions and physicians to commercialize system-level solutions that enhance care delivery and the practice of medicine.

Health2047’s Silicon Valley innovation studio draws upon the AMA’s deep subject matter expertise and unique relationship with physicians nationwide to develop new products, tools and resources that improve the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care to patients. Health2047 catalyzes collaboration across a network of partners including technology firms, product companies, providers and payers to drive rapid and responsive change that makes new solutions possible.

Health2047 incorporates physician testing and user feedback during prototype development and leverages the physician channel to accelerate market adoption of transformative health care solutions.

Read more about Health2047 at AMA Wire®.

Innovative Solutions

Health2047 integrates the physician perspective across the innovation pathway, gathering physician input at project onset and incorporating physician testing and user feedback.

MATTER: Technology Ideas and Collaboration

MATTER is supporting ideation and collaboration with hundreds of entrepreneurs to ensure the physician perspective is included from the outset.

The MATTER studio space gives physicians the opportunity to connect directly with entrepreneurs at the point of “idea conception” to develop new technologies, services and products that better serve physicians and patients.

The AMA believes that physicians—often early adopters of innovative technologies—can and should lead the integration of health and technology.

Read more about the AMA’s collaboration with MATTER at AMA Wire®.

Make the Connection

The AMA's Interaction Studio within Chicago’s medical technology incubator MATTER is a space for physicians and entrepenuers to collaborate and solve healthcare problems.

Sling Health: Medical Technology Development

The AMA encourages opportunities for physicians to engage in the innovation process to share ideas, expertise, and real-world perspective on the realities and potential of technology in medical practice settings where end users—patients and physicians—can all benefit.

Get Involved

Sling Health is an organization run by students from Harvard, MIT, Washington University and other institutions to inspire and support cutting-edge medical technology developments.

Xcertia: Quality, Safety and Effectiveness of Mobile Health Apps

Four organizations are forming a new multi-stakeholder collaboration, Xcertia, dedicated to improving the quality, safety and effectiveness of mobile health applications (apps). The initial supporters of the collaboration include the American Heart Association (AHA), American Medical Association (AMA), DHX Group and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

Improving the Quality, Safety and Effectiveness of Mobile Health Apps

Join AHA, AMA, DHX Group and HIMSS in this collaborative effort.

The AMA also recognizes the key challenges physicians face when implementing health IT—such as electronic health record (EHR) usability, interoperability and workflow—and the increase of direct-to-consumer digital health apps. Through digital health research, collaborations and strategic partnerships, and ongoing advocacy, the AMA is helping physicians navigate and maximize technology for more patient centered care, improved health outcomes and the acceleration of adoption in health care.

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