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Digital health encompasses a broad scope of tools, including digital solutions involving telemedicine and telehealth, remote monitoring, and more. Explore insights from the AMA’s updated study on digital clinical tools, as well as additional AMA resources focused on digital health.

AMA Digital Health Study, 2022

Explore insights from the AMA’s updated study on physicians’ motivations and requirement for adopting digital clinical tools.

The Digital Health Implementation Playbook

Offering key steps, best practices and resources to support the implementation of digital health solutions.

Bridging the divide between medicine and innovation (PDF)

Gain insights from two AMA market research studies with practicing physicians.

Physician innovation network

A digital matchmaking platform where physicians and entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate to improve digital health care solutions.

AMA Doc Talk podcast series

AMA Doc Talk explores population health, the impact of chronic disease and how physicians can improve outcomes.

Creating telemedicine policies

Learn how to connect to specialists and facilitate better access to care for your patients.

Mobile health

Explore the benefits of sharing images directly with patients and helping them understand the findings.

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