The AMA “Members Move Medicine” series profiles a wide variety of doctors, offering a glimpse into the passions of women and men navigating new courses in American medicine.

On the move with: Hussein A. Antar, a second-year student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) in Worcester.

AMA member since: 2017.

What inspired me to pursue a career in medicine: I have always been impressed by the monumental impact physicians have—not just on their patients’ lives, but on the larger community. I wanted a career where I could have that kind of positive impact while simultaneously serving and improving the health of local communities. 

How I move medicine: Being a physician in training comes with an increased level of power, which we have an obligation to use to advocate for our patients—especially for those from less-privileged segments of society.

I actively recruit and encourage other students to become more involved in organized medicine through the AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) and the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS). I will be helping new members prepare for MSS and MMS meetings, so we can train a diverse group of physician leaders who can effectively advocate for their patients and shape health care policy.

Career highlights: I recently finished an internship at the UMMS Center for Health Policy and Research where. I was part of a team aiming to reduce emergency department utilization for nonemergent eye conditions and improving rates of diabetic retinopathy screenings.

Previously, I contributed to a project researching a new diagnostic parameter that may help with earlier diagnosis, and thus better treatment, of glaucoma. I have also served as my school’s delegate to the MSS and to the MMS House of Delegates, where I was able to debate and advocate for a range of policies relating to medical education, access to health care and emergency services, and family leave for early child care.

Advice I’d give to those interested in pursuing a career in medicine:Health care is one of the most rewarding fields to work in! Work hard and remember that there are a lot of paths you can take within medicine. You can make a real difference on an individual, community and even a national level—even as a student.

Aspect of my work that means the most: As a medical student, I can spend extra time with patients. So I enjoy using that time just to listen to their stories and learn more about their lives. I find this especially meaningful because it allows me to connect with patients and understand the impact of their health on their lives and their families, and thus better understand the value of my work as a medical student and a future physician.

How I advocate for physicians and patients: I am passionate about ensuring health care access so every patient receives the quality care they deserve, regardless of their background or ability to pay. On a local level, I participate in the free clinic program run by my school. And on a larger scale, I hope to help shape policy that ensures universal, affordable access to health care while protecting the rights of patients and physicians.

My hope for the future of medicine: That patients can trust that they will receive quality care for any medical condition regardless of their ability to pay. I also hope for a future where physicians play an active role in the policymaking process on local and national levels to ensure the best outcomes for their patients and for future generations of physicians.

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