The CPT® Editorial Panel is engaged in an ongoing process improvement effort which currently includes re-examination of the CPT® Category I and Category III criteria. Based on these efforts periodic changes to this website should be expected.

COVID-19 statement

The CPT Editorial Panel Meeting will offer both virtual and in-person options in San Francisco, CA for the Feb. 3-5 meeting. Please note that all in-person attendees must be vaccinated and able to prove their vaccination status.

Visit the February meeting page for information on registration and the agenda.

For additional questions, contact Mark Levine at [email protected]

Access the full calendar and process for the CPT Editorial Panel meetings as well as the AMA Specialty Society RVS Update process and Pathology Laboratory Analyses meetings.

For future requests for changes, additions or deletions to the CPT code, please review the code change instructions and code criteria before submitting an application.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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