Sandee Kastrul

Sandee Kastrul

Sandee Kastrul is the proud president, co-founder, and chief hope officer of i.c.stars, a workforce development organization, and a social enterprise. i.c.stars exists to develop change-driven individuals to excel in technology careers and effect change as community leaders.

With operations in Chicago and Milwaukee, i.c.stars has been recognized by Strada Education Network and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Before i.c.stars, Ms. Kastrul designed interactive programs for GED students and developed experiential learning modules for over 70 schools. She is on the advisory board of the Chicago Innovation Awards and the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management. She has been recognized by the Chicago Community Trust, SIM (Society for Information Managers) Chicago, and Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Ms. Kastrul enjoys working with i.c.stars alums in their entrepreneurial endeavors both for profit and non-profit and is currently working on expanding the i.c.stars model into new cities. She is close to finishing her book, Change and Equity.

Achieving optimal health for all

The AMA is confronting inequity at the system and community level to bring health equity to marginalized and minoritized communities in the U.S.