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Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) Leadership Opportunities

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The Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) is now accepting applications for standing committees. All applications are due July 7, 2017.

RFS Standing Committees

Become involved with the RFS at the highest level. Participating in an RFS standing committee is a great way to get involved with the RFS. All committee leaders have regular contact with the vice chair of the RFS Governing Council, and provide semi-annual reports to the GC and to the entire RFS.

The term for this position is 1 year. Applications are currently being accepted for:

  • Committee on Long Range Planning
  • Committee on Medical Education
  • Committee on Membership
  • Committee on Legislation and Advocacy
  • Committee on Scientific Research
  • Committee on Public Health
  • Committee on Business and Economics
  • Committee on Quality and Patient Safety
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