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Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs (CEJA) Reports

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Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs

This council maintains and updates the Code of Medical Ethics and it promotes adherence to the Code’s professional ethical standards.

Reports by the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) interpret the AMA Code of Medical Ethics to provide practical ethics guidance on timely topics for physicians, residents, medical students and others in health care.

When the AMA House of Delegates adopts the recommendations of a CEJA report they become Opinions in the Code of Medical Ethics. The body of the report, which sets out CEJA’s ethics analysis, is archived and remains available as a resource to help users apply guidance.

Council on Ethical & Judicial Affairs reports may not be reproduced without express written permission.

2016 Interim Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting

Ethical Practice in Telemedicine (CEJA, 1, A-16)
(pending publication)

2015 Annual Meeting

2014 Interim Meeting

Physician Exercise of Conscience
(pending publication)

2014 Annual Meeting

2013 Interim Meeting

2013 Annual Meeting

2012 Interim Meeting

2012 Annual Meeting

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